Quality Fairy Princess Toys, Books and Games

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Adorable, Practical, Personalized Metal Kit Boxes

Add a child's name to a lunchbox with a fairy with your choice of skin and hair coloring. A great way to take lunch along, or to store and carry art and craft supplies, small toys, dolls, and collections.

A sample of the boxes appears below. Each design also has stickers and other matching fairy items to go with it.

Frecklebox.com- Personalized Gifts For Kids

Fairy World Coloring Posters and Books

What a fun idea for a fairy party - build a window coloring books feature oversized detachable pages to color in and mount on a window or wall.

Other books in the collection include hidden pictures, fairy fashions, and fanciful dragons and fairies to color.

Fairy Toys, Gifts, Art Activities

All the wonderful fae-related items on this page offer value to kids learning and entertainment. Play is the work of children, after all..

These items make wonderful gifts or party favors for faery lovers.

Melissa & Doug Stamp Set - Stamp-a-Scene Fairy Garden Stamp Set