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Fantasy Art Coloring Books

Fantasy art coloring books cover a wide range of imaginary topics, from strange worlds with supernatural beings and other-worldly creatures to pictures of places and patterns that boggle the mind.

From fairies to vampires, steampunk to mermaids, unicorns to dragons and fanciful animals of all sorts, weird creatures and patterns, this collection features challenging and beautifully drawn fantasy art that will stimulate your imagination and inspire your artistic talents.

Any purchase you make after clicking on a title link on these books earns me a small commission. I am an affiliate for Dover and Leisure Arts, and I've been a customer of both companies for more than 30 years.

Coloring Books to Relax
Fantasy creatures coloring activity book
Mix and Match FANTASY CREATURES Coloring Activity Book - $4.99
Cryptozoology fantasy coloring book for adults
The Unbelievable Cryptozoology Coloring Book - $3.99
Steampunk design coloring book for teens and adults
Creative Haven Steampunk Designs Coloring Book - $5.99
Fashion fairy coloring book
Fairy Fashion Coloring Book - $3.99
Flower fashion fantasy coloring book
Creative Haven Flower Fashion Fantasies Coloring Book - $5.99
Dreamcatchers Stained Glass Coloring Book
Creative Haven Dreamcatchers Stained Glass Coloring Book - $7.99

Create a stained glass effect fantasy gallery for your home, dorm or studio with Build a Window and Build a Poster coloring books from Dover Publications.

Fairy World build a window coloring poster book
Build a Window Stained Glass Coloring Book, Fairy World - $6.99

Build a Window coloring books offer you a uniquely different approach to creating art for your home. Each book contains several large size related pictures printed on one side of special paper.

Each giant sheet page in the Build a Window and Build a Poster series are perforated and ready to remove from the book to color in. Most dramatic display results will come from coloring with markers on the stained glass designs.

When your artwork masterpiece is completed, the 4 panels arranged in a window will let the light shine through just like a stained glass window.

You can also arrange the finished art on a wall or mirror to create a beautiful fantasy art mural.

Dreamscapes adult coloring book, Dover Creative Haven series
Creative Haven Dreamscapes Coloring Book - $5.99

Wizards and dragons coloring book
Wizards and Dragons Stained Glass Coloring Book - $6.99
Fairies and dragons coloring book
Fanciful Fairies and Dazzling Dragons Coloring Book - $3.99
Fabulous desserts coloring book
Creative Haven Designer Desserts Coloring Book - $5.99

Fabulous Coloring Books from Leisure Arts

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Day of the Dead Coloring Book, Thaneeya Mcardle

Day of the Dead Coloring Book - $9.99

Dapper animals coloring book
Dapper Animals Coloring Book - $9.99
Good Vibes coloring book for teens or adults
Good Vibes Coloring Book - $9.99
Folk Art Coloring Book

Folk Art Designs Coloring Book - $9.99

Coloring Books - Mandala Coloring Books
Abstract Coloring Books - Geometric Design Coloring Books

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