Printable Stickers & Fun Stamps - Sticker Crafts

Print your own fun stickers, seals and stamps in sheets perfect for making colorful crafts you can use for party favors, cupcake toppers or scrapbook page embellishments.

Choose from holiday fun stamps, skull stickers, Halloween sticker sheets, pirate stickers, Easter stickers, spring stickers, romantic stickers, seasonal seals, Christmas stickers and patriotic stamp.

All designs are available in free printable sheets, Adobe Acrobat PDF format, for any noncommercial use.

Please do not sell our designs.

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Valentine Sticker Sheets

SWAK stamps, double hearts, kissing teddy bears, bears with candy and flowers and lovely kissing lips decorate sheets of printable love stickers.

Cute romantic stickers are great for sweetheart notes, wedding favors, shower invites - any "I Love You" reason, and of course, perfect for Valentines Day.

Love sticker designs

Assorted Valentine Stickers

Romantic Stickers - 5 Cute Designs

Double heart stickers
Double Hearts

SWAK sticker sheet
SWAK Stamps

Love bears stickers
Love Bears

Bear sticker
Candy Heart Bear

Kiss print lips
Kiss Print, Lips

St. Patrick's Day Stickers

Spring Stickers

Home Made Sticker Stamp Glue

Make a batch of non-toxic adhesive for your printable stickers and seals with this simple homemade stamp glue recipe.

6 TBS white vinegar
4 - 1 oz. packets unflavored gelatin
1 tablespoon peppermint extract (vanilla is also good!)

Bring vinegar to a boil in a small pan. Add gelatin and stir until completely dissolved. Remove pan from heat. Add flavoring extract and stir until mixed. Cool mixture until safe to handle, then brush a thin layer onto the back of stamp sheets; allow to dry completely. Cut stamps apart, moisten back then press onto surface to stick into place.

Store your excess glue in a sealed container for future use. To use again, melt the glue by placing the container in a pan of warm water. Home made sticker glue will keeps about a month or so in cool temperatures.

Peace Signs & Peace Symbols Sticker Sheet

Assorted multi-colored peace symbols plus the hand sign for peace or victory, all on a single printable peace sign sticker sheet.

Printable Sheet of Peace Stickers

Peace sign stickers

Patriotic July 4 Flag Sticker Sheets

Print a sheet of patriotic flag banner stickers to use for party picks, parade badges or just to show your pride and love for the USA.

Individual stickers measure about 2" tall by 1" wide. Each sheet prints 12 stickers. Design details shown at left.

Choose either Stars and Stripes or Hearts and Stripes stickers in red, white and blue, or get a similar set of designs in square format to make your own cupcake toppers.

Clip art also available - click here

Sticker Crafts

Cupcake Picks / Cupcake Toppers

Print a sheet of printable stickers on card stock, then cut the pictures apart into squares. Tape the squares to toothpicks or small drinking straws.

To make 2-sided cupcake picks, attach two cards back to back to the toothpick with glue, sandwiching the toothpick in between the cards.

Straw Sliders

Glue stickers to the fronts of squares or rounds of card stock. Punch holes above and below the sticker, then thread a drinking straw in and out of the holes, starting at the front.

DIY Name Tags, Gift Tags, Place Cards

Name Tags: Glue stickers to sticker paper, cardstock shapes or blank tags, leaving a space to write name.

Place Cards: cut card stock or heavy paper and fold to make a stand up "tent" card. Glue on a sticker next to space for name.

Pirate Stickers - Skull and Bones Printables

Print sticker sheets on self-adhesive paper or print on regular paper and apply with tape or your favorite craft adhesive, or use home made sticker glue.

To make Party Picks for sandwiches or birthday cake decorations, cut individual stickers apart and attach them to large toothpicks or small straws with tape.

Design your own cupcake toppers, table cards, name tags, gift cards, place mats or cubbie labels with print and cut stickers, or use the sticker sheets to make your own craft papers or gift wrap.

Autumn Stickers

Small stickers to use for crafts, preserved goods, gifts, each printable sheet features a single fall season design.

Christmas Stamps - Just for Fun

Christmas fun stamps

Cute fun stamps with holiday designs: Christmas trees, candy canes, gingerbread men, angels, bells, stockings and peace doves. Decorate papers, cards or gift packages (fun stamps are not postage stamps).

Print a Sheet of Christmas Fun Stamps

Printable Christmas party games for home, church, classroom or office

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Merry Christmas Stickers

Candy canes, gingerbread, Christmas wreaths, snowmen, and cheerful red bows - all these designs on a single sticker sheet ready to download and print free for personal or classroom use only.

Christmas stickers

Christmas Stickers