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Halloween Fun Stamps

Faux Postage Sticker Sheet

Fun and funny Halloween stickers - 3 different designs on a single sheet. You get black cats, Frankenstein monster and giant candy corn stickers, 6 of each on every printable sheet.

Decorate papers, Halloween party invites, greeting cards, name tags, gifts, and loot bags.

Sticker Printing Tips

Print a full sheet (8.5" x 11") on self adhesive paper and then cut out using scissors, craft knife or punches.

Or, print on heavy printer paper or card stock and use tape, glue stick, or home made sticker glue.

Sticker Projects

Party Food Picks:cut individual stickers apart and attach them back to back onto large toothpicks or small straws.

Food / Table Flags: decorate drinking straws: tape onto straws or glue to card stock, punch 2 holes and thread straw through the card.

Place Cards / Name Tags: cut card stock or heavy paper and glue a sticker onto the card next to space for name.

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