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Gingerbread Kids Paper Crafts

Cute gingerbread boys and gingerbread girls make Christmas tree ornaments or gift tags.

Ready to print and cut out gingerbread boys and gingerbread girls gift tags on full color PDF pages, each with 6 colorful ornaments. (8.5" x 11").

Print these cute ginger people paper ornaments on lightweight card stock or photo paper for best results, then trim along the dotted lines to make your ornaments, labels or tags.

Full instructions are also printed on the Adobe PDF craft sheets.

Click a picture to view and print a Christmas cutting craft page with 6 cute gingerbread ornaments. The individual gingerbread ornaments can also be used as cute labels or gift tags!

After trimming, punch a hole or tape a string on the back near the top to hang on the tree, in a window, or attach many along a ribbon to make a Christmas gingerbread garland.

Gingerbread Girls Paper Craft

Gingerbread girl ornaments

Gingerbread Girl Ornaments
Adobe PDF format

Gingerbread Boys Ornaments

Christmas gingerbread men
Gingerbread Boy Ornaments
Adobe PDF format

PROJECT IDEA: You can use the gingerbread kids printed sheets for wrapping paper that becomes a craft activity.

Print the craft sheet on regular paper instead of card stock.

Wrap your gift, then after opening smooth out the sheet, paste onto thin cardboard and cut out gingerbread ornaments along the dotted lines.

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