Whimsical Mandala Coloring Pages

Unlike traditional mandala art, these whimsical designs in the round are playfully composed from familiar objects and elements from everyday life. Many whimsical mandalas have a theme and the design incorporates pictures and sometimes related words or phrases.

Click small images or links to view full size kaleidoscopic design sheets you can print.

Many of the motifs in whimsical mandala coloring pages are arranged in kaleidoscopic fashion. The different pictures that form the shaped art are usually related to the general theme of the design.

The printables in this collection range from simple repeating pictures to very complicated overlapping patterns, but one thing they have in common is they all have recognizable elements arranged around in a circular pattern and they're really not mystical at all.

Many of my whimsy-influenced patterns are based on a holiday theme, so you'll find printables you can use to create holiday decorations, gifts, cards or posters.

Mandala Coloring Books

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