Lucky Shamrock Candy Craft Card

This easy craft party favor can be made as a flower, shamrock, or heart template. To make a lovely flower, use pastel or pattern printed stock for the leaf/petal shapes. Kids can make a cute, sweet and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day treat starring their favorite round lollipop suckers (Tootsie Pops or DumDums, for example).

A candy sucker nestles in a cluster of green card stock clover leaves, the perfect way to wish a friend a sweet “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

St. Patrick's Day party favor candy card craft lollipop

Craft a cute shamrock shaped party favor gift card complete with a yummy sweet lollipop center. If you’re making a large number of these favors, or you plan to craft with very young children, you may want to cut the leaf shapes out and punch the holes ahead of time.

If you have a craft cutter, you can create a digital template and use that to quickly cut out many petal leaf shapes in just a few minutes.

The lollipop peeks out from a cluster of lucky 4 leaf clovers decorated with festive ribbon and a gift tag.

Kids or those who are young at heart will enjoy making these crafty shamrock party favors.

Seniors can make a bunch for their friends or to give to the children at a local day care. Whip up a bunch of these shamrock lollipop cards and hand them out to friends and family on March 17.

shamrock or heart flower sucker card craft

Supplies and Tools

  • Green card stock
  • Lollipops with round ball shaped heads (Tootsie Pops, DumDums, or similar)
  • Tissue paper scraps (optional)
  • Scissors or craft knife Inkjet printer
  • Pencil
  • Instruction sheet with template/pattern
  • Narrow Ribbon

Lollipop St. Patricks Day shamrock card craft


  1. Print out the craft sheet that includes the instructions and pattern/template. For best results with tracing, print the pattern/template on card stock.
  2. On green card stock, trace around the pattern shape twice for each lollipop favor. You’ll need two copies of each leaf template shape cutout for each shamrock card. Together the two leaf shapes create a 4 leaf clover.
  3. Cut out the leaf/petal shapes from the craft sheet using scissors or a craft knife.
  4. Use the hand punch to make holes in the centers as shown on the instruction sheet illustration.
  5. Thread the leaf petals onto the lollipop stick through the holes.
  6. OPTIONAL: If you have some tissue paper, cut a small circle and use it to cover the lolly wrapper before inserting into the leaves.
  7. Arrange the leaves so they resemble a lucky shamrock or 4-leaf clover. Pinch leaves slightly by pushing the lobes together at each end to create an upward curve.
  8. Add a narrow ribbon and tie a bow below the bottom leaf petal; attach a gift tag if desired

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