Die Cut and Paper Craft Templates - Halloween Printables

Halloween Bats Cupcake Toppers

Printable bats border labels make fun cupcake toppers for your Halloween party. Print a sheet out and cut using scissors, craft knife or a standard papercrafter 2-inch circle punch. Write inside the border to label foods, make name tags, place cards or gift tags. Attach to drinking straw or toothpick to make food flags.

bats frame border printable sheet

Printable Bat Labels Sheet (black and white)

These fun Halloween stickers come in black and white (print on your own choice of colored card stock, paper or self-adhesive sticker sheets) and 3 colors as shown below.

Each sheet prints 12 bat frame labels to use as squares or cut out with circle cutter punch or scissors to create round toppers and labels for Halloween crafts.

This Halloween printable can also be used to make stickers!

Simply print on self adhesive paper then cut out or print and stick on using glue stick or home made stamp glue.

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