Christmas Tree Stencil Cut Out

Here's a versatile tree cut out you can use in all sorts of paper crafts. This Christmas stencil pattern is basic enough to use for coloring crafts, printer crafts, iron ons, gift tags or tree ornaments. Or, use it to make ... yes, stencils ... for painting or window decor.

You can also use this Christmas tree stencil to create your own emboidery patterns or paper craft cutting patterns.

The basic tree stencil template can be used for many different arts and crafts projects for children or adults. Trace and cut out, enlarge or shrink the pattern, combine multiple copies to craft swags, and so much more.

These stencil templates are my original design based on my own drawings. You may use them without charge for personal or classroom use only; they may not be sold or distributed in print or on other web sites or as prints on items you sell. Please share this project using a link to this page with Pinterest or other social tools.

Christmas tree stencil clip art

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