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South African Flag Coloring Page

Printable South Africa flag coloring page, template or digital stamp.

The South Africa flag design features a unique graqphic symbol designed by Frederick Brownell and approved by Nelson Mandela in April 1994 as the new national flag.

It is the only national flag in the world with six distinct colors.

There are different interpretations for the flag's colors, but it is interesting to note that the 6 colors together comprise the unified colors of the African National Congress flag plus those in the flag of the Netherlands and of the UK (red, white, blue).

south africa flag coloring page

Generally interpreted, the symbolic meanings for each of South Africa's flag colors are:

flag of south africaRed bloodshed in pre-independence wars and conflicts
Blue the sky above and oceans around Africa
Green farms and the environment
Yellow natural resources, especially gold
Black indigenous people and citizens of South Africa
White Caucasion settlers and citizens of South Africa

Click image or link to print a South Africa line art flag drawing in Adobe PDF format.

South Africa Flag Coloring Page

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